Indian Festival

Boddemma Festival of Andhra Pradesh

Name of Festival : Boddemma Festival

Major Territory of Celebration
Boddemma Festival is celebrated in Andhra Prades state of India

About Festival
Boddemma Festival is a 9 day festival and celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. Bodemma is a worship of goddess Gauri.9 day of festival prior to the Batakamma festival and concludes on Mahalaya Amavasya.

This festival is for unmarried girls.Girls make a image Boddemma like a seven layers in the shape of a gopura.After they decorated this image with flowers, turmeric and Kumkum and placed at net and clean courtyard that is decorated with designs.

All the girls gather around the Boddemma during the evenings and dance and sing a song and praying to Gouri for their early and successful marriage.

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