Baby's heartbeat and womb's  Gender Prediction
Santan Prapti

Baby’s heartbeat and womb’s Gender Prediction

How to find out from the baby’s heart and the woman’s belly, there is a son in the womb

Friends, there are many symptoms of having a son in a woman’s womb, some of these symptoms are like this. We cannot claim their hundred percent to be correct. We can just say that this happens most of the time.

Let’s discuss how we have a son in the womb. You can try to know this thing.

Gender prediction is a boy or girl in the womb

If a pregnant woman experiences vomiting. If her nausea is less, it is estimated that she has a son in her womb.

If the beat of the unborn child is less than 140 per minute, then it is the boy. But friends, in the initial months, every child has a heartbeat above 140. But if it falls below 140 in last 2 months , then it is a sign of being a boy.

If the pregnant woman’s belly is not round, instead it is protruding forward. Tilted downwards, it is believed that there will be a son in the womb.

If the hair of a woman’s hair grows fast, it is considered a sign of son’s attainment.

If a woman often suffers headaches in pregnancy, then it is also considered to be the symptoms of getting a son. You can guess that the woman has a son in the womb.

If during pregnancy, the woman likes sour food more. If you like salted food more, then you can guess that there is a son in the womb. But some people believe that when there is a son in the womb, the woman eats more sweet.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house, but friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of her health, take special care of her nutrition. Is necessary.

Having a gender prediction for any wrong purpose is a legal offense. Friends, nowadays, both son and daughter are considered equal. Therefore, there is no harm in knowing this thing just for prepartion your child.

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