baby gender prediction by dream
Santan Prapti

6 dreams of Fruits | Baby gender prediction by dream

Hello friends baby gender prediction starts in the family as soon as the woman becomes pregnant, it is detected by looking at the eating habits of the woman, it is ascertained by looking at the changes that occur in the woman’s body, seeing the habits of the woman It is ascertained that what is in the womb of a woman, friends have to see some fruits in such a dream, the son indicates towards the attainment, discuss.

Friends, in the scriptures, there are many such dreams which mean son, if any of the pregnant woman or husband wife has some special dreams, then on the basis of this, the son or daughter in her womb is It is discovered that some such dreams point towards having a son in the womb.

Often, a pregnant woman sees guava inside her dream, friends, let us tell you, if any woman sees guava inside her dream, according to the dream scripture, she will have a boy born in it, Whether he has seen guava on a tree, or seen in the market. Watch guava in your house which can also be on the plate, seeing guava means getting a son.

Such a another fruit which we call fig, along with fig fruit is also considered as nuts, if the woman sees the fig inside the dream then it is believed that the woman will have a healthy son.

During pregnancy, if a woman’s stomach looks like a watermelon, then she has a daughter, while if a woman sees the melon fruit inside her dreams during pregnancy, it is believed that she will get a son as a child.

The most favorite fruit of a woman is an apple during pregnancy, but if the woman sees an apple inside her dream during pregnancy, or if she sees that she is eating an apple, the woman will get a son.

Seeing the ground fruit sweet potato inside the dream through pregnancy also indicates the attainment of the son in the attainment of the child.

Seeing a pod of cowpea by a pregnant woman also indicates the attainment of a son, if the lady is seen of the cowpea inside a pot in her house, or seeing her crop in the field or eating the cowpea pod, In all three situations, the sum of the son’s attainment appears to be forming.

Friends, through the dream, the correct information about the gender of the child or the child is available or not, but it is most important that the child who is growing in the womb of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to take special care of her nutrition.

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