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Ayak or Bheemana Festival of Andhra Pradesh

Name of Festival : Ayak or Bheemana festival

Major Territory of Celebration
Ayak or Bheemana festival is celebrated by Kolam tribal inhabiting Laindiguda, Utmur Taluq Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh.

Time of celebration (Months)
Ayak or Bheemana festival is a 3 day festival and celebrated during the Kolam month of Satti (December).

Worship in Festival
In this Festival people worship the Lord “Bhishma “

About Festival
Ayak also known as Bhimana or Bhimdev, is the principal deity of the Kolams. During this festival people worships the lord BhimanaPeople decorated deity to the wooden mace with peacock feathers and it placed inside a thatched shed. They put the pot containing a anklets ,belt of bells and small dolls made of mud are placed.

On the first day a fowl or a goat is sacrificed. Next day relics of the dirty are taken to Mohamloddi and a hill stream about 18 kilometers from the village for bathing the GOD. After come back the home in the evening, a buffalo purchased collectively is sacrificed. People complete the Fowl and goats are sacrificed fulfill their vows.

The meat of the sacrificed animal is cooked and eaten by all the people of the tribe. On this day do not allow people of other communities to be present at the time of sacrifice.

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