Indian Festival

Akshaya Trutiya Festival of Orissa

Name of Festival : Akshaya Trutiya Festival

Time of celebration (Month)
Akshya tritiya festival is celebrate on the third month of the vaishakha (April – May ) or we can say it falls on the third day of the bright fortnight of Vaishakh on each year.

Major Territory of Celebration
Akshaya Trutiya Festival is celebrated in the Orissa , India

About Festival
Akshaya Tritiya Festival is traditionally the birthday of Lord Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.This important festival is held in every farming household.It is auspicious day of good treasure, success and good fortune. This Festival is characterised by the ceremonial sowing of paddy in the field. Oblation is offered to the goddess of destiny, ‘Shathi’. This is the best day to start the construction of house buildings, digging of tanks and wells.

The day of Akshaya Trutiya is that time when people start the construction of the chariots for Ratha Jatra of Lord Jagannath and his brother and sister starts.

According to the Hindu customs, bathe in holy rivers, make a charity,many choose to perform the pujas for Business, offer barley in a sacred fire, and worship Lord Ganesha & Devi Lakshmi on the holy day of “Akshay Tritiya”.

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