7 bedroom tips for pregnant women
Pregnancy Tips

7 bedroom tips for pregnant women

Hello friends, we are going to discuss 7 bedroom tips for pregnant women through the post, if a woman is pregnant then what should be the things in her room so that she will remain positive in the happy room and also have a positive effect on the coming child. Something they have been told to keep in the room, which has been believed since ancient times.
Friends, it is believed that the child starts learning from the mother’s stomach, whatever the environment around the mother is, the child starts taking everything,

Therefore, it is said that the mother should not take stress during pregnancy, keep herself positive and the surrounding environment should also be positive, the woman should keep such things around her which is a sign of positivity.

Since ancient times, it is believed that the more positive the mother will spend her time in true works and the more mindful the child will be, the more obedient and intelligent.

Pregnant women room color

Room color

When it comes to the woman’s room, if the woman’s room is pink then it is very good. Pink color is considered a symbol of happiness, especially the women’s mind,
If your room is not pink then it is very good even if it is of light color because the light color reflects the light and the room remains bright.

 Pregnant Women Room Space

Room space

There should not be too much luggage in a woman’s room and especially whatever is there should not be kept in one place for long, like some shelves are kept in the same place for many years, it is believed that the same place The items kept are a symbol of negative energy, they should be displaced and the allergen remains positive and try to be at least in the honor room.

Room me Bacche ki Tasvir

Picture of children

It is considered very good to have a picture of a child smiling while playing in a pregnant woman’s room. This picture should be in such a place that the woman’s eyes are often on her, this will please the woman’s mind, the image of the child in the woman’s mind Will keep descending Whose positive effect also comes on the child. The child will also be calm and cheerful.

Copper object in pregnant room

Copper object

Copper is considered to be very auspicious for humans. Its region is that copper absorbs the energy that is negative for humans. Try to have a copper item in the room of the month that is pregnant, such as a copper flower pot. Or any other good item will be good.

Open Room for Pregnant Women

Try to have a pregnant woman in a room that is ventilated and sunlight can easily come in it, such a room is filled with positivity. No bacteria, virus, toxic organisms live in such a room.

Mor phank in pregnant room for good wishes

Mor phank

The peacock feather belongs to Lord Krishna. In such a situation, it is considered good for both mother and child to keep peacock feathers in the temple of the house or in the room of the pregnant woman.

Ladoo Gopal ji ki Murti

Ladoo Gopal ki Murti

If there is any idol of Laddu Gopal ji in the room, then it is also considered very auspicious and one gets good children.

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