4 elderly women tips for baby Gender Prediction
Santan Prapti

4 Elderly women tips for baby Gender Prediction

How the elderly women, after seeing the women, used to tell them about what is in the womb of the woman. Today, we have brought some of the symptoms given by him through this article, so that you too can find out the way they are detected, what is in the womb of the woman. Friends, all these symptoms are being given on the basis of experience. Which are prevalent in our society since ancient times. They do not have any scientific basis. But they are considered quite accurate in society. Also, let us also tell that our aim is not to differentiate between a boy or a girl at all.

It is not only the wish of the pregnant woman but also the wish of her entire family, who is the small guest coming to their house so that she can prepare accordingly.

  • Friends, if a woman feels more about having a child on her right side of her stomach, then it is a sign of being a boy. If the woman realizes this on the left, then it is a sign of being a girl. When does it realize? Understand from an example, as if the woman eats food, after that the space in her stomach starts to decrease, then if the child shrinks to the right, or to the left, then by this feeling we Let’s find out being a boy or a girl.
  • If during pregnancy a woman feels laziness and fatigue, the woman is fortunate, it is a sign of being a sweet little girl in the house.
    If the woman relatively does not feel tired most of the time, the woman feels fresh most of the time, then the woman is lucky to have a son born here.
  • Friends, the point that we are going to tell, it happens at different times in different women. But overall if we talk, if the movement in a woman’s womb, the baby’s movement starts around 5 months, then these are often signs of being a boy. If this movement starts before 5 months in the womb of the woman, starts at the end of the third month or in the fourth month, then it is considered a sign of being a girl.
    Because the baby girl is more active than a baby boy and this activeness is sustained from the womb.
  • Even by looking at the woman’s waist, it can be inferred that the woman has a boy or girl in her womb. If the fat in the woman’s waist is increased, and it is not around the belly, then it is a sign of being a boy. If the same fat is not there at the waist, and this fat is around the belly, then it is a sign of being a girl. The woman seems chubby in this situation.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house, but friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of her health. It is necessary to take special care of its nutrition.

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