4 accurate signs of having a son in the womb
Santan Prapti

4 accurate signs of having a son in the womb

Hello friends, through this article today, we are going to tell you some more symptoms, through which you can find out whether a son or daughter in a woman’s womb. Friends, these remedy tricks have always been used in our society. Whenever a woman is pregnant, there is no limit to her happiness, because she is going to become a mother.

In the state of pregnancy, every member of the family is very keen to know that the new guest coming into the family in our society will be a boy or a girl. Because both of them have different meanings. By the way, friends would be nothing, it is just an eagerness, and to calm that eagerness, we are telling you some symptoms.

Exact signs of having a son

1. The hormones that are produced in the body due to pregnancy, which are also very important for the womb, cause many types of changes in the body to cause turmoil, sometimes the pregnant woman complains of insomnia. It can be said that the symptom of sleeplessness shows the son’s attainment.

2. The effect of pregnancy can also be seen on the diet of a woman, sometimes the diet of a woman increases with the average diet, sometimes it remains the same or decreases. It is believed that if the woman’s appetite increases after pregnancy, then this pregnancy In the son indicates the attainment and if the hunger is normal then the woman will get a Virgo gem.

3. If the size of a woman’s hips is increasing during pregnancy, the extra weight is seen on the hips, then it is a sign of having a little princess daughter in the womb.

4. If during pregnancy, the breast size of the woman increases slightly, then it is considered a sign of a daughter in the womb. This is also due to the excess of female hormones. If he has a son in the womb, then the breast size increases but increases much less.

But now the women who are becoming mothers for the first time, then they can not think of this, but the women who have already become mothers, are older. She can easily tell by seeing this, how much the breast size of a woman increases during the time of son and daughter, and secondly, they have seen you before.

Friends, by looking at the symptoms coming in the woman’s body, we may find out which child is in the woman’s house, but friends, it is equally important that we have to take full care of her health, special attention to her nutrition. It is necessary to keep.

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